iTunes must die

Why is is so fucking hard to find an mp3 player these days that just plays fucking mp3’s? I have 55 gigs of mp3’s (99.9% legit, even) and I don’t need some software to manage what I listen to, so why is it that every mp3 player these days feels the need to “suggest smart playlists” and “scan my music”? I understand that these features appeal to some people, but not to me. I sit down, pick an album, and listen to it. And all of the craptastic features added into modern media players just get in my way.

I have been fighting with iTunes all freaking day trying to get it out of my way and finally gave it the boot. I am going to play around with Audion now, but I am highly skeptical it will be any better… I shouldn’t have to write a fucking simple media player… Any of you Mac users have any suggestions?

And while you are at it, tell me how to get my fucking home and end keys to behave properly. That nuisance alone is enough to make me want to sell this machine. I understand that some transition is to be expected, but I am not going to give up home and end.

4 thoughts on “iTunes must die

  1. i use audion cuz itunes runs like a bloaty piece of shit on my ibook :(

    when i used it on a dual 800 it was sweet, but until it gets better it gets the boot

  2. For the love of god!

    xAudic, if you can find it.. I tried finding it again, to no avail. I wrote up a patch for it a while ago, so I still have source (and the resultant binary). Lemme know if you need it.

    It’s just a plain ol’ MP3 player from what I recall.

    1. For the love of god!

      Ok, so I really need to get mozilla to stop filling out the comment form. I really don’t need _every_ comment to have this subject.

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