Fun with automobiles

This morning I headed out to get all of the car stuff taken care of. On Omar’s recommendation, I went to the Central Square Insurance Agency to get the car insured… That went smoothly, and while their quote was 50 bucks more than the quotes I got online, I figured it wasn’t worth the hassle of tracking down the other places (who probably wouldn’t have honored the online quote anyway).

After that I drove over to Watertown to get registration and plates, which was another pleasant experience at the Mass DMV. I got to the clerk, got a number with a 5 minute estimated wait time on it, and only ended up waiting about 10 minutes. After 5 minutes at the counter I walked out with plates and a registration.

Once that was taken care of, I headed over to the Cambridge Parking Office to get a parking permit… I waited longer here than I did at the DMV, but it still wasn’t that long…. I got back to the apartment, put on the plates, slapped on the sticker, and moved the car to the street, no longer in fear of getting a ticket/towed…

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