Back in Boston (er… Cambridge)

After a brief (but still fun) stopover in Connecticut last night I arrived back in Cambridge this afternoon. I had some business to take care of at Rovia, which I did as soon as I brought my stuff inside the apartment. The business ended up working out REAL well for me, even though I can’t really talk about it right now (no, I’m still unemployed).

Tomorrow I need to get all of the stuff for the van taken care of (insurance, registration, plates, ez-pass). That should be a barrel of monkeys, but fortunately Omar recommended a insurance company that just-so-conveniently resides in Central Square, so that should at least make that part of the journey easier. Unfortunately, the DMV in the mall doesn’t do registration, so I have to head down to Boylston/Chinatown for that…

Back to my top-secret project….

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