Getting more un-sick

I am not that congested anymore, and I still have a very slight cough, but all in all I am feeling better than I have the past few days… Thanksgiving day was still the worst, though.

Still reeling from the news of Erik’s murder… I wouldn’t say I was terribly close to him, but to think that a friend and coworker could be killed in such a relatively quiet community is shocking… It also leads me to think about all the time I spent in retail not even thinking about things like this… You wouldn’t think working in a video game store would be such a dangerous occupation.. Of course, I am sure that this violence could have been prevented if kids weren’t exposed to such violent video games and television programs (sarcasm alert).

I was going to leave in a few minutes, but I decided I am going to pass through CT tonight to pay a visit on my way back to Boston. So I am going to leave here around 6pm instead…

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