I love snow

While it is true that I can think of things better than driving and commuting in the snow, my love of the fun and beauty of snow overrides any practical thought I have on the subject. I went out to lunch today to get a car adapter for the iPod (since the trip to Rochester this weekend could be long enough to threaten the battery life). As I was leaving the mall the snow began, and I decided to walk home in it… The city is so pretty in the snow… Hopefully the streets will be clear enough by the time I need to leave for Rochester tomorrow.

Last night I loaded up the iPod with some fresh music and audiobooks. I put the new “Mike Patton w/ DJ” bootlegs on there, this set with the X-Ecutioners is fantastic, so I can’t wait to hear the others! I also stuck the first half of The Diamond Age and the new Bill Maher book on there..

Update: Good thing this cigarette lighter adaptor is “Built for Mac OS X”…. What the hell???

2 thoughts on “I love snow

  1. does your charger allow you to use the ipod while it’s actually charging? mine does. but mine wasn’t made by apple … in fact, i don’t even know if they have a car charger. but their ac adapter doesn’t let you use the ipod while it’s charging (suck).

    fucked up movie night this weekend? perhaps i’ll see you on floor, depending on what’s playing.

    <3 lindsey

    1. I got mine at the apple store, but it isn’t made by apple… It is made by Dr. Bott or some shit like that… but my iPod works fine when it is hooked up to the AC Adapter…

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