The Movies I Saw in 2022

2022 was the year we pretended to return to normal. I saw a relatively “normal” number of movies to my pre-pandemic state, and quite a bit more of them in the theatre compared to 2021. But we remained on the anxious edge of outbreak. I think I expected a clearer line as to when reengaging with
civilization would safe, but in retrospect that was naive.

That said, it was great to be able to attend IFFBoston 2022 in person, and in full, this year. Even better, there were some really good films this year!

If you are interested in the technical guts of these graphs, look here.

The graphs, as well as the list itself, are behind the jump below…

  • Total # of movies:
  • Total # of features:
  • Total # of shorts:

In 2021, I saw 13 movies in a theatre, but in 2022 I saw 39. Still quite a
bit shy of the before-times, but trending in the right direction. Between
the return of in-person IFFBoston and the fairly regular return of the SNFC,
I have much more opportunity now.

I ventured out into new territory more in 2022, returning to my fairly
typical 80/20 split of first vs. repeat viewings.

The genre breakdown is pretty typical, for me

Corinna and I finished the Nightmare on Elm Street marathon we began in
2021, and then moved into the Family Cinematic Universe. All in January.

That’s it for the graphs, below is the raw list of movies. If you hover your mouse over the title of a film you should get a brief review from me in the tooltip. (Titles in italics are repeat viewings.)

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