Magic Backup Day

I am working from home today…. I got the “Most Impressive Hack of the Day” award at work yesterday (ok, it’s not a real award) and ended up getting so into it that I was working pretty late… I probably should avoid the specifics here, but trust me, it was awesome… Anyway, I figured that after my unadulterated genius yesterday I deserved a good night’s sleep, so I slept in. :)

I have been meaning to backup my data here at home for a few weeks now, so I took the opportunity today to do so and drop the CD into my Safe Deposit Box at Fleet.. I looked at the date on the prior backup and it was in April… I have to get a bit more consistent with these, no? I remember used some unix application that read a list of dates in your home directory and reminded you when they were near… I should hunt that down and use it to remind me of backups. :P

I guess UPS rang the doorbell this morning trying to deliver my major award, but it wasn’t loud enough up here to wake me up… Infernal doorbell..

I had another bad dream last night, but this time I remember fragments of it… I remember one of my teeth just falling out for no reason…. I have been probing my mouth with my tongue all day searching for the gap in my teeth… Fortunately it was just a dream…

I should be able to tie SpamAssassin to my .aliases file so that it automatically whitelist_from‘s all mail coming from those addresses… I figure that if someone is in my .aliases file then they are probably not spamming me. :)

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