Funny spam message

This made me laugh for a while… Not because of the implied misfortune, but because I don’t believe it for a second… If people think that by annoying me by spam they will part me with my money they are sorely mistaken…

As much as this hurts to do, I have to ask for help.Let me explain ! Im the poorest excuse for a human being ever.Im unemployed, uneducated, and uninsurable.In addition you wont look at me for very long Im unattractive actully down right ugly.I try every day to get a job but at 48 with no skills and no personality all the doors shut.For 35 years I tried to drink myself away, and almost succeded,but even at like the rest of my wortless self I failed. now the Doctors say I have to start cheomtherapy for the liver but I have no insurance.Im not a bad person I dont drink anymore or do bad things. I have thought of things like chain letters and such but I know its wrong and I wont do bad things, but I need help could you please send some money!! anything !! It would help I dont know what else to do but ask.I cant promise anything in return I dont have anything nor does it look like i will . At least its honest im not promising anything or lying !! Please reach into your heart you will really be helping just

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