In honor of patpat

As I do every two weeks or so (since it holds 2 weeks of data), the other day I dug through the listings on the TiVo for both IFC and Sundance channels (since I am such a movie snob) looking for some good independent film. I noticed that one was showing Gray’s Anatomy and the other was showing Swimming to Cambodia. Well, I asked the TiVo to grab them for me and noticed today that Gray’s Anatomy had been recorded… I just finished watching it for the first time, and I enjoyed it… I know Pat always spoke highly of Gray’s monologue films, and I was really sad that I couldn’t make it to the marathon he and Hannah held, but to date I have only seen “Swimming to Cambodia”…. That isn’t on for a week or two, I believe (although the TiVo is so good at warping time for you, I really have no idea), and I am now looking forward to seeing it.

2 thoughts on “In honor of patpat

  1. I like Gray’s Anatomy, too. I’d also recommend Monster in a Box, another one of Gray’s monologues. (I’ve got it on VHS if you want me to mail it to you.)

    1. Yeah, I have heard about “Monster in a Box” from pat, but haven’t seen it… I am pretty sure that the local chain “Hollywood Express Video” would have it…. They have good taste. :)

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