Working from home today so I can read my book without interruption…. It seemed like every time I started reading yesterday I was interrupted by something…. I should be able to focus better here in the house…

In other news, my landlord is a moron. The HVAC guy just got here, and I began to explain to him how we get no
circulation at all upstairs, and how the a/c doesn’t work either, and he (politely) truncated my sentence to inform me that “Yeah, that’s because it was never finished….”….

And I was right about the thermostat upstairs, it was ‘sposed to have a “Hot/Cold” switch for it to switch modes… So he is still working, but he has air blowing at my legs under the desk, even if it isn’t cold yet.. :P

I was supposed to meet Jon Whitney for lunch but yet again we had to scrub it… We couldn’t get together last week because of my illness, and he had to go to a work lunch today, so that does it for this week… Where should I go?

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