The other day someone burned popcorn in the microwave at work and the floor needed to be evacuated after the fire alarm went off (RIT, anyone?)… Anyway, today, this bug was filed in our internal Bugzilla system:

[Bug 125301] Popcorn should only be cooked for 2:57, not 6 minutes

Popcorn is considered done after slightly less than 3 minutes. The current version
of Nick cooks the popcorn for 6 minutes, causing the fire department to be alerted.

——- Additional Comments From Nick Quintanilla 2002-05-08 16:38 ——-

I’ll have to confirm this, but I can’t reproduce this result at the moment…

If it turns out to be Valid we may need to restructure the entire UI of the
popcorn process.

——- Additional Comments From Carlos Soltero-Pales 2002-05-08 16:41 ——-

Due to the possible variability of environents, I believe that, in order to
prevent further ocurrences of this problem, we should construct a 3-dimensional
chart of cooking time (in sec.) vs. microwave power (in W) vs. weight of popcorn.

Gathering of empirical data from which to derive the chart should be top
priority for the bug asignee.

Don’t worry Nick, we know it was all because the engineers forgot to put the
‘\0’ at the end of the time string, so the sscanf blew up! Duh! Of course
that’s it!

——- Additional Comments From Nick Quintanilla 2002-05-08 17:01 ——-

I contacted customer service and they said there was a known compatibility
issue with their old legacy servers and the “kernel” used in installation
packages currently being distributed by vendors using the FUBAR standard rather
than the IEEE standard. Christine said that they have ordered the latest
version of GE’s super deluxe server which complies with both FUBAR and IEEE
regulations so hopefully this should fix the problem

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