Back from the Dead

My parents left a little while ago after breakfast… I sure am glad they came up to help me out this weekend, because it was great to see them and I’m sure settling in would have been a serious chore without them… Pretty much everything I intend to move over here is now moved, and things are starting to get pretty unpacked as well… I am going to set up my CD rack in a little bit to get those boxes out of the way… Now that I have the computer up I get to have music, which is a good thing.. :)

Adam and I did in fact have to sacrifice telephone service in my room in order to get ethernet up and running… I know that there is a piece of cat5 that was intended for data hidden in the walls of this room, but I will be damned if I know where it is.. :) Anyway, I was lucky that they used Cat5 for the telephone service as well, so we isolated the pair that went to my room and hijacked it for data. I guess we should probably straighten that out before we move out, but that’s a way’s away.

I am gonna take some pictures of the new place today and I will post them here later…

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