First Night in the New Place

Last night was a long, long night… Left work with Adam, and went with him back to his apartment to help him move out what was left of his stuff.. We got to the new place around 6 and moved all his crap in… When I got up to my room upstairs I was kinda pissed, because the shower door wasn’t installed yet and there was still paint scaffolding and dirt all over the floor… I went downstairs to start unpacking the kitchen and the Landlord (Bill) showed up and said “I came to clean up the upstairs room, sorry that scaffolding is still there”… I breathed a sigh of relief…. He said that the shower door was being installed today, as well as the window treatments and microwave… This makes me happier… :)

We did a bit of work trying to get the network working but Adam got frustrated… It appears that there is no data run up to my bedroom, which sucks, but the telephone up there works, and it is run over Cat5 so worst-case we can disconnect the phone in that room and use it for Ethernet instead. We will figure all that shit out this weekend.

You may look at the time of this posting and say to yourself “Self? Why is Sean up so early!?!?!”. Well, the contractors were coming early to finish up the apartment, so I just wanted to get out of there before they had the chance to wake me up. :) I was out of the house by 8am and at work by 8:15a… (Thank you new commute).

My body is rejecting all this new found physical exertion like a transplanted kidney…

Update: Just to avoid confusion and violent outbreaks of mass hysteria, fear not, I did shower this morning.. :) I just had to make the LONG trip down to the 2nd floor…

2 thoughts on “First Night in the New Place

    1. Heheheh, well, I actually live in Cambridge now… But I think understand the real root of your confusion:

      I don’t own a car, so I take mass transit… There is alot less traffic in the subway. :)

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