9 thoughts on “Pictures

    1. sweet! looks like a really gorgeous place!

      I really think it is awesome… It is certainly the nicest place I have lived yet…

      Is there no door to your bedroom? is it really just the entire upstairs?

      Correct. This is mostly way-cool, but from a privacy sense it is kinda weird… It is the same way with Adam’s room (the basement)… We all have agreed on a “Yell and don’t come up until you are invited” policy… :)

      1. neat. you can always just put a curtain at the bottom of the stairs or something…


        very nice looking place though. Good to see you have a decent sized stove now. ;)

  1. Nice; immediate observation: I love the “network closet”. It has a real look of “Okay, so, we’ll just… punch a hole right here, and… *grunt* yank all the cables through it… *phew* Yep, that oughtta do it.”

    1. Hehhehe… What’s even better is that that wiring job was done by the electrician… Adam did the patch panel, which we have yet to mount on the wall, which is why it is on top of trivial pursuit. :)

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