It’s hard for me to verbalize how exhausted I am… All of the big stuff (desk, dresser, bed, most of the boxes) are in the new place, so I will only have a carload or two with my parents this weekend. I am going to call them in a few minutes, then I am gonna lay down, probably falling asleep for the night… Everything hurts.

When I got back to the apartment, however, I got the lovage companion CD that I ordered from 75ark a few months ago… It was free, but I had to pay S/H. I haven’t checked it out yet

The new place is still awesome, but while there is cat5e in the walls, there is no punchdown/patch panel, nor are there any jacks in the rooms… I will let adam deal with that shit. (unless a certain someone wants to haul ass down from Syracuse to do it.. ;)

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