So I waited for AT&T to install the cable this morning from 9-11 (when they said they were going to be there) and they never showed up. I called them when I got to work at 11:30a and they gave me a $20 credit… I told them to go to the house anyway and one of the construction workers would let them in.

While I was waiting, however, I had the opportunity to talk to the electrician (who’s name is John… Always know your electrician by name) about the wiring in the house. He confirmed that there is Cat-5e to every room, and showed me the closet in which it all ran to (heretofore referred to as the “wiring closet”). None of the cable is terminated at either end, but that is fine with us. Adam and I went to Active Electronics over lunch and picked up a 12-port patch panel, 5 dual wall plates, and 5 RJ-45 inserts… They were out of RJ-11 inserts, but who cares about the phone… :P We will order them online and have them in a few days..

So Adam is going to punch everything down tonight after he gets back from picking up Helen… I am glad I don’t have to deal with that crap, because it drives me crazy. :P

The apartment is still a little rough… When I left at 11a this morning the glass door for my shower upstairs had yet to be installed… And there is no hardware on the cabinet doors in the kitchen.. There is also painting scaffold in my bedroom still, but I doubt that will be there tonight (at least, it had better not be.. :P). Regardless, I am certain I will at least be able to set my boxspring and mattress on the floor and get a good night’s sleep tonight.

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