In case you were wondering, packing still sucks

I am probably 95% packed now… I updated my “note to self” from earlier and struck out the things that are done… These have taken me most of the night so far, but I have the kitchen entirely packed, all of my clothes packed (and the dresser emptied)… I powered off my fileserver (placing my trust in ReiserFS, I just pulled the plug :P) and removed the dsl router from the picture (so my workstation is connected directly to the “modem”).

Adam and I are picking up the keys tomorrow and moving our stuff there, but the landlord said that he doesn’t want us sleeping there tomorrow night (apparently they will be rushing the last few things that need to be finished up). So I won’t be able to sleep there until thursday, and I will be sleeping on the floor in an empty apartment tomorrow night. :)

Back to packing, hopefully I can finish the majority of whats left tonight, but if it gets too late I have to stop making noise. :)

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