Unlike water, bits don’t weigh anything….

Today I met with my advisor for my CS Department “Exit Interview”. It was kinda bizarre; he mostly asked me questions about what I thought was good in the program, what I thought wasn’t. I got a neat little pocket knife on the way out that says “RIT Department of Computer Science” printed on it. Afterwards, I got my calc exam back today… I didn’t do wonderfully, but I didn’t completely tank it either. I still need to work really hard in order to pass the course, however.

I was feeling kinda burned out today, so I sat down to watch The Filth and the Fury after dinner. It is a documentary on the Sex Pistols, and I was fairly certain that My Roommate, Jon Parise wouldn’t want to watch it (mostly because he said so). So while he was teaching his lab, I popped it in. I am a sucker for documentaries, and ones on music, it was pretty good. It gave a good idea of the genesis of the band, and the punk movement in general. There was a second documentary on the disc about the Punk scene in general, which was interesting as well.

4 thoughts on “Unlike water, bits don’t weigh anything….

  1. Actually… that’s partially true. bits do have weight. But on average, there’s an equal number of ones and zeros, so it all balances out. the ones actually do have weight, the weight of a few electrons i believe… but zeroes have negative weight, since they are bubbles “0” of lighter than air gasses. (usually helium, but sometimes hydrogen… the hydrogen filled “0”‘s are usually found in more caustic and crash-prone applications, hense the reason why they are so caustic.

    So you see, overall, there is an almost perfect balance of weight, but the individual bits and non-bits do have weight.

    Don’t they teach you guys anything anymore in the CS classes? “Data Theory”. sheesh.

  2. sex pistols

    another one to watch is ‘sid and nancy’ is another (rather long) documentary about the decline of the band. specifically sid vicious after he found the joys of heroin.

    another good documentary is ‘best in show’ done by the same guy that did ‘spinal tap’. i watched it on a flight, but it was pretty funny, the people without headphones kept on looking at me funny.

    1. Re: sex pistols

      “Sid and Nancy” is a great movie, and the Criterion Collection DVD is beautiful (yet out of print).

      I haven’t seen “Best of Show”, but I have heard good things about it.

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