I stopped waiting for the original author to do something with my patches to the BeOS LiveJournal client, so I decided to clean up everything I had, add a few more features (like posting to alternate journals, using alternate pictures, etc) and release it. AliveJournal was born. I think it is pretty decent software, and I will be continuing to maintain it for some time to come. You can see some screenshots here, if you are interested.

I have Calculus and a Gannett Lecture for Senior Seminar tonight. The last one was a yawner, but I was also really sick at the time. Hopefully it won’t be as bad tonight. :)

3 thoughts on “Finally

    1. Thanks… The new ‘lj_dev‘ effort inspired me to get my ass in gear and finish off alot of the loose ends I started awhile ago.. It isn’t perfect, and I might go for a major rewrite for the next version, but I think it is mostly solid (esp. considering the old one doesn’t work at all currently :P).

      I just posted a new version to BeBits that fixes a minor bug that would pop up from time-to-time.

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