Pobox.com Reminder

Just a reminder to anyone interested: My @pobox.com email address, which I have had for the past 10+ years, is going away at the end of this month (August 30th). I pay a few bucks a year to keep this active, but thanks to spam, the S/N ratio has just become unbearable. For the past few years I have been using my @csh.rit.edu address, so most people seem to send mail there, but if you haven’t updated your address books yet, please do.


Why are people so god-damned stupid? Someone decided they wanted to unsubscribe from the film club weekly newsletter mailing list. This list is opt-in, so this person managed to subscribe themselves, but apparently clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of EVERY LIST MESSAGE was too complicated and they just sent a message to the list (which bounced). Don’t worry, you lazy bastard, I just volunteer my time running this club, but I’ll do your work for you.

Email Changes

I have decided to terminate my Pobox.com addresses once the current subscription ends on August 30th, 2006. My csh.rit.edu address will become my ‘primary’ email address, please update your address books accordingly (and leave a comment here if you have any questions). I’ve been getting nothing but spam and nonsense to this address for a long time, so there seems to be no point in paying a few bucks a year to keep it alive.


Land of the Dead was great, although as predicted the Sunday Night Film Club turnout was small (but I don’t really care). As is common in zombie flicks, the (living) characters had retreated to a fortified position, as have I. As the weather has gotten unbearably hot I have retreated to our air-conditioned bedroom. And my love for my Powerbook grows.

I have used command-line mailers for as long as I’ve had internet email. Originally, elm on my Unix UUCP account on Dan’s Domain (hoser@gen.ds.nj.us) through pine then mutt at CSH, I have been a loyal command-line user (although I did have a minor dalliance with Mail-It! while using BeOS). I played around with graphical mailers while convalescing, but had all kinds of trouble dealing with my 500+ mailboxes over IMAP, so I threw in the towel. I finally decided to move my mail archive off of CSH’s servers and onto my laptop, and have been using OSX’s Mail.app as my mailer for a few weeks now. So far, so good, and searching my mail with Spotlight is very, very nice. I tried Thunderbird back with my failed IMAP experiment, and while I fully support the Mozilla project, I think I’ll wait for it to get a bit of polish before I revisit it. Anyway, I had started to feel that the only reason I was sticking with CLI email was geek pride, and that I was just being stubborn. Seeing all the niceties you kids and your GUI mailers have had for god-knows how long now I think I was correct in that assessment.