Email Changes

I have decided to terminate my addresses once the current subscription ends on August 30th, 2006. My address will become my ‘primary’ email address, please update your address books accordingly (and leave a comment here if you have any questions). I’ve been getting nothing but spam and nonsense to this address for a long time, so there seems to be no point in paying a few bucks a year to keep it alive.

A little pre-exam nostalgia

Five years ago today, I was dialed into MOREnet, using that to telnet into a free ISP, where I had ftp’ed a 4.3 meg ZIP archive into /tmp and began rz’ing it onto my Amiga 500 at 9600 bits per second. I then took that archive, split it up into several 720k archives, and using sneakernet I took the files over to my fathers 486DX4/100. I reassembled the files there, unzipped them, and slowly began to realize that qtest was going to be a whole lotof fun… Of course, the fun didn’t really start until I took the game to CCM and we played our first network game… qtest became Quake, and the rest is history… qtest was also instrumental in meeting Chris, as girls are always impressed by kicking the living shit out of them in video games. Too bad she eventually got better than me. :)