Lazyweb: DVD-RAM -> DVD Conversion

I have a single, double-sided cartridge DVD-RAM which I would like to have copied onto DVD+Rs.   I created it using a Mac at RIT, but I’m not sure what filesystem is on it.  Is there anyone reading this who has access to a DVD-RAM drive and would be willing to do the copy for me?  I know I’ve asked a few of you this question over the years, but the disk was in stasis in my parents basement until I moved into the new house. 


I used Dapper to create something which the world has needed for quite some time.. An RSS feed for The Digital Bits. Dapper seems like a really cool tool, although it took me a little while to figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing with it.. I’m really curious, though, to see if it continues to work over the next few weeks… I’ve used a few scrapers before trying to get a feed for the Bits before, but they always break eventually (or right away).

I don’t think I’m really exploiting the power of Dapper, yet, though. It seems it is more intended for scraping sites for crazier “mash-ups”, but for now this is all I needed.

Can I Get a Fuck Yeah!!??!?!?!

After ten years of popular demand, The State is available again! The
first season of the critically acclaimed 1993-95 MTV Series will be
released on iTunes Music Store, starting Tuesday, September 26th.
Depending on how many people download, MTV will release subsequent
seasons, and then eventually, hopefully, a DVD.

The first season includes introductions of favorite State characters
Doug, Louie, Barry & Levon. From the minds that brought you RENO 911!,
WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, and STELLA: Kevin Allison, Michael Ian Black,
Ben Garant, Todd Holoubek, Michael Patrick Jann, Kerri Kenney, Thomas
Lennon, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, Michael Showalter and David Wain.

Music Update

Here’s some music-related updates:

  • The first CD from Mike Patton’s new project, Peeping Tom, his the streets this Tuesday. I got my hands on the CD a little early and it is awesome… The first really accessible-by-the-masses album from him in a long time. It’s probably about as close as you’ll see him get to pop… Anyway, the band (featuring Dan The Automator, Rahzel, Dub Trio, Rob Swift (X-Ecutioners), and Imani Coppola) were on Conan O’Brien on Friday… Check it out. Also, an interview over at Suicide Girls
  • In other Patton news, Rhino finally released the two classic Faith No More videos, “You Fat Bastards: Live at the Brixton Academy” and “Who Cares a Lot: The Greatest Videos” (a.k.a. “Video Croissant”) on DVD last week.
  • Brainwashed is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with a weekend festival in November. Brainwaves is going to be held at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA. The lineup so far is pretty out of control, you should totally check it out!


I won an auction for a copy of “Silence of the Lambs: Criterion Collection” to replace the one that was stolen… That one was going to be tricky to replace since it is already out of print… That was the last of the rare discs that I needed to replace… (well, I still need to score “Robocop: Criterion Collection”, but that is still in print).

It is pretty rainy here today, but I need to do some laundry and run some errands… I don’t want to schlep my laundry in the rain though.. Perhaps it will wait until tomorrow…

Hehehehe… Try this, MPAA

DeCSS in 434 Bytes

#define m(i)(x[i]^s[i+84])<<
unsigned char x[5],y,s[2048];main(n){for(read(0,x,5);read(0,s,n=2048);write(1,s
,n))if(s[y=s[13]%8+20]/16%4==1){int i=m(1)17^256+m(0)8,k=m(2)0,j=m(4)17^m(3)9^k


The Digital Bits is one of my favorite DVD news sites, and for about a year I have been entering their various monthly (and now, bi-weekly) contests. I woke up this morning to learn that I am a runner-up in their latest contest. As a runner up, I won a DVD Logo Sign to spice up my home theater. And as a winner, I am not excluded from participating in future contests, either.

These contests are very fun to participate in…. I hear some guy in Terra Haute won a bowling alley!