I used Dapper to create something which the world has needed for quite some time.. An RSS feed for The Digital Bits. Dapper seems like a really cool tool, although it took me a little while to figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing with it.. I’m really curious, though, to see if it continues to work over the next few weeks… I’ve used a few scrapers before trying to get a feed for the Bits before, but they always break eventually (or right away).

I don’t think I’m really exploiting the power of Dapper, yet, though. It seems it is more intended for scraping sites for crazier “mash-ups”, but for now this is all I needed.

Winning Nerd!

Once again, I won two tickets for Monday’s Red Sox game at work! I’m taking the day off of work, since it is an 11am game, and I’m taking with me because he’s a huge baseball fan. So that should be a good time. I also found out that I get to delay my tax return by one more day and turn it in on the 18th due to the New England holiday Patriots’ Day, which also rocks.

For some reason I decided today to abuse myself and create an RSS feed for my CD collection. I was screwing around with some SQL and decided it would be a pretty easy thing to throw together. It is back-ended by my OpenDB installation, and just like my CD list, it caches the query results so it only queries the database when the table has been modified. Anyway, the feed gives you the last 15 albums I have purchased (or been given), I have no idea if anyone cares about this shit, I just thought it’d be fun. Let me know if you are using it, and let me know if you have any problems.