This weekend rocked, plain and simple. Adam and I spent 48 hours preparing for Sunday’s meal, which turned out fantastic (and leftovers mean a fantastic lunch as well). We only made the grilled jerk pork (which is what required the multi-staged, 48 hour brine/marinating process) and the orange sauce, and skipped on the slaw and chorizo fried rice, but it still was amazing. Ming Tsai doesn’t disappoint.

This weekend was also the glorious IC3 weekend, which was also not a letdown. Friday night’s “2000th Dish Special” was a whole bunch of fun, and last night’s “21st Century Battles” were great. Mad props to Bobby Flay who definitely worked on improving for this rematch. He cooked some dishes that blew us out of the water (wish we could have tasted them), and he deserved to win.. But I think we can all look forward to the “Best out of 3” battle in the future. :)

I lost my wallet for about 30 minutes this morning, which pissed me off. Sometime yesterday I must have decided to put it in my tool drawer (obvious location for it). For some reason I didn’t think to look there right away this morning, and my heart was skipping many beats. :)

Oh yeah, Sunday afternoon I got some pizza at the Boston House of Pizza, which is a block away from my pad. It was probably the most acceptable pizza I have had here yet… It isn’t Enzo’s, but it will do. :)

Time to do some work and kick back to some Meat Beat Manifesto….

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I got my first “Report Card”, which is Graham-Family-Speak for “Pay Check”. It is about what I expected to get for one check, maybe a wee bit lower. I may have to re-evaluate my withholding situation after I do some math.

It is too damn hot in the place, so I am bugging out in 15 minutes. Adam and Rory are coming over for dinner after work today. It is nice having furniture now; people can come over and have a place to sit. :)

On my way!

In a few minutes me and my ‘rents are making the trip to Boston… Amazingly, most of my stuff (save a few books and my Trek fit in the two cars…. I won’t have an ISP for a few days, so you probably won’t hear from me until Tuesday, when I start work.