1st day

Today is my first day at my new job, which means lots of paperwork and setup. I have been working on getting the dev tree checked out and setup on my machine.. Whee…

7 thoughts on “1st day

  1. Just looked at the site. Looks rather cool I have to say. If it cashes the book/text on the device and updates it with the server at the next connect then this would be really cool.

    For WAP phones with GPRS staying always online would not be a problem really. But without Bluetooth, my palm will just not be always online and therefor should cash the text and sync it with the server via modem or at the next hotsync.

    Anyway. Very cool. I like it that you can work with the online text like with real paper. Very very handy.

    You need to make a converter for web sites or give web sites the option to provide their text like this. Would have kept me from printing out php-101 :)


  2. break out the emergency cock

    congrats! how was it? same as every other first day at work (meeting people, tours, etc)?

    did they show you where they hide the emergency cock?

    1. Re: break out the emergency cock

      Well, my 1st day wasn’t that annoying, mostly because there are only like 25 people in the company (including execs), so the tours and meet/greet cycle was short. After an hour or two of HR paperwork I started getting my hands dirty. :)

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