The Movies I Saw in 2019

As has been the standard over the past few years, the number of features I saw in 2019 was a tick down, at 128 vs 132 in 2018. I had a particularly busy year in 2019, so this isn’t really a surprise for me.. I was on the road for nearly two of the twelve months this year, so I simply had less time for film.

If you are interested in the technical guts of these graphs, look here.

The graphs, as well as the list itself, are behind the jump below…

  • Total # of movies:
  • Total # of features:
  • Total # of shorts:

Last year I saw a record-high 49% of my movies in a theatre. That has ticked down a bit this year to ~45%, but is still above my average from years prior.

In reviewing 2018’s post, I saw that I was grumbling about some of the promised theatres that had yet to open. While the Arclight managed to open a few weeks before Christmas, we are still waiting for the Majestic in Watertown.

80% of the movies I saw were first viewing, which is pretty in line with the past several years.

The genre breakdown is pretty typical, though docs at 30% is high.

Pretty typical distribution for me, with a hearty spike in April due to IFFBoston.

That’s it for the graphs, below is the raw list of movies. If you hover your mouse over the title of a film you should get a brief review from me in the tooltip. (Titles in italics are repeat viewings.)

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