Democracy @ Work

Democracy @ Work
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A few weeks before the 2000 presidential election, I voted via absentee ballot while attending RIT. My hometown of Hopatcong sent me a punch-card ballot with instructions to punch the card using a pen. After completing the ballot, I noticed a collection of little paper dots on my desk. It would be a few weeks before I learned that these were known as ‘chads’.

I thought it would be fun to tape all of these dots to a piece of paper reading ‘Democracy @ Work’ and place it on my dorm room door at CSH. Fast-forwarding a few weeks to election day, and the drama in Florida which followed, this would go from being a sign of my pride and participation to a disappointing reminder of the inefficiency in our voting system.

One thought on “Democracy @ Work

  1. I guess you passed the “your vote should count test”

    Its good to note that some people realize that when you have to remove a punch out, that you actually remove the infamous “hanging/dimpled” chad from your ballet.

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