Goodbye Twitter (Syndication)!

In a discussion with Howard today, I mentioned how I hated when people post an update to Twitter to mention that they made a new post to their blog.  This caused me to rethink about the opposite scenario: my use of LoudTwitter to most those "Daily Twitter Profundity" posts..  At first I liked them, but after thinking about it, and seeing how it seemingly completely floods out my Journal here, I’m ending that process.

In the future, if you want to see little quippy updates on how my day is going, keep an eye on my Twitter page.  If RSS is your thing, you can even add my Twitter RSS feed to your favorite news reader.

Now, as evidenced by the 10:1 (100:1) ratio of the "Daily Twitter Profundity" posts to actual journal posts, it should be clear that I have been posting to my journal less.  I guess this is because Twitter has become the place where I post little dumb updates and observations (which used to get their own post to the journal).  This means that you’ll see the number of posts here at LiveJournal go down a bit, but the posts that I do make should have a bit more signal and a bit less noise (hopefully).

Please feel free to thank me or tell me I’m an idiot in the comments, but I’m pretty sure this decision is final.

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