Busy day!

I woke up this morning at 6:30am, but called BS on that right away and stayed in bed until 7:30am, when I gave up trying to fall back asleep and got up.  After puttering around for an hour or so I took a shower and ran out to Home Depot to finish the order for our french door.  coco_b placed the order earlier in the week, but she was unsure of the jamb size, so she put it on hold until we could measure it and get back to them.  While I was there I got a new shower head as well as a new motion sensor for the back stairwell.  I came home, made pancakes for breakfast, and then we took a solid nap.

When I woke up from our nap, I saw our downstairs neighbor Greg in the back yard preparing to rake the lawn.  We totally slacked off last fall and never bothered to clean up the yard before the first snow, so it was time to take care of it.  I joined him, and it only took us a few hours to polish the whole thing off.   At some point I also installed the new shower head and the motion sensor.  Not to mention cooking (ok, reheating) dinner.  I was pretty friggin’ productive, eh?

On an unrelated note, I received a letter in the mail from the Red Sox Ticket guy, thanking me profusely and containing a gift card to the Halfway Cafe, which is pretty awesome!

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