Left Door

Left Door
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I’ve been griping about how my spices have been completely unorganized since we moved into this house almost a year ago. I finally ordered a large quantity of metal tins to solve this problem.

Taking a cue from Alton Brown and Good Eats, I purchased small 4oz. metal tins and used Velcro to fasten them to the inside of the doors to one our cabinets. Originally AB used magnets, but recently I noticed that he silently switched to Velcro. I’m guessing that the adhesive magnetic strips simply weren’t strong enough and the tins migrated down the door over time. The velcro seems to do the job nicely, and also allows me to stick non-ferrous objects (which you can see in one of the other photos in the set).

7 thoughts on “Left Door

    1. Heh, I’d be happy to help you organizing your spices, but really, it’s a pretty straightforward project if you don’t want to wait. :)

  1. Looks good. What kind of velcro did you use? I’m guessing that after some wear and tear a softer velcro might lose its effectiveness.

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