Not Me

Not Me

This must be a DIFFERENT Sean Graham, because not only am I far more adorable than that chump pictured, but I also back up my LJ on a regular basis. =)

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    1. When I’m feeling lazy, I use ljArchive, which is only windows. When I’m more inspired, I go to the Export page and export XML files for each month. I’m not sure if these files include comments though, and ljArchive does, so I might be better off sticking with ljArchive.

      I thought of making a headless backup tool based on it. I think it’s written in C# and .NET, but maybe the actual sync engine will run under Mono.

  1. forgive my lack of know-how as i did not actually study anything at your elite institution – only sat in art classes looking posh – but how can i back up my lj? …. copy and paste just doesn’t feel that swish, you know? :P

    1. If you’re a windows user, your best bet is to grab ljArchive. Otherwise you’ll have to use the export page… Of course, I haven’t looked in awhile for a OSX or Unix version/clone of ljArchive, so perhaps some digging is required.

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