2006 Films in Review

15 thoughts on “2006 Films in Review

  1. I have to say I am a bit shocked “A Scanner Darkly” made it on the list, I really didn’t care for it at all, which kind of upset me as I was quite excited about its release. I have to ask why you enjoyed it so much?

    Oh and Wicker Man sucked so hard I cannot find the words, I watched both endings and I could barely tell you the difference. Nicholas Cage again deserves to be punched.

    1. It’s funny… Opinions seem completely polarized over this flick… I have people telling me it’s great, others telling me it’s terrible…

      I’ll definitely see it, though…

  2. Yeah, The Descent was way better than I expected. I just wish they kept it Them vs Cave, as I found the first half way scarier than the second (regardless of it being fun).

  3. Re: Concert movies

    Did you see Block Party? I enjoyed it more than the Beastie Boys, which lost points for the amount of “freshman film project”-style “effects”.

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