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  1. Not really… Although I can appreciate a nice belly button…

    Anyway, I had a friend in college who’s belly button opened and started bleeding out of the blue… He had to get cut open to have it re-tied, and when he went to the doctor, he pulled an amazing length of lint that had snuck in through his belly button, because apparently it was for a long time before it started bleeding..

    For some reason I thought about this, and tried to search to see if it was a common condition… Along the way I found these two pictures. :P

    1. I thought “worst picture” was enough of a warning… Especially if you clicked the first picture.. You know full-well that if I said “This is disgusting, don’t click it” you would have clicked it anyway. :P

      1. Well, I was thinking “worst picture” in an artistic sense… um, yeah, even after clicking the first one.

        And yes, you’re right, I would have clicked it under the alternative circumstance, but at least I would have put my slightly-lint-like granola bar down first.

    1. Unfortunately, no, I am a lint sufferer… But I make sure to give the old BB a once-over every time I use the restroom, that way it never gets out of hand.

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