Homes for the Holidays


 and I are jumping on a plane and heading out to Michigan to spend time with her family for Christmas.  Tomorrow, we are borrowing a car from her folks, driving out to a suburb of Chicago to visit some of her family living out there, and returning to Michigan that same night.  It should be a fun, but hectic, time.   We are celebrating Wigilia a day early, on the 23rd, so that we can fly to NJ the evening of the 24th to celebrate with my family.  It is going to be some hectic traveling, but it will be nice to spend Christmas together for the first time..  I also don’t know much about Wigilia, so it will be interesting to participate in that tradition too.

3 thoughts on “Homes for the Holidays


    I’m from a huge Polish family, and have celebrated Wigilia my whole life! As a matter of fact, I’m flying back to New York to celebrate Wigilia on the 23rd! Hay under the tablecloth, empty seat for Jesus, the whole nine. I’ll be indoctrinating my new wife into the tradition this year.

    Here’s a little tip: the oplatek tastes like printer paper, but just grin and bear it. It’s a neat way to meet every single person at the party.

    And the fish, mushroom sauce, and pierogies more than make up for it.

    Happy Wigilia!

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