Festivus and Kong

‘s graduation party on Friday was great, I finally got to meet several of her coworkers and friends from college, and the lot of us managed to plow through 8 bottles of Champagne as well as some beer… It would have been nice if we could have invited more people, but our apartment was pretty much packed to capacity as it was.. When we move, though, hopefully we will be able to have some bigger bashes… =) Saturday was the Goodrich holiday party, which was pretty lame… I wasn’t expecting it to be a blast or anything, but even the food was bad this year.. And once again there was a designated driver tax — they charged $2 for a tiny little coke. Lame.

Sunday I caught King Kong (2005) with the film club. It was better than I had expected, and while there was one glaring plot point (the “kid” on the ship) that was left hanging by the end of the film, it was pretty tight overall (which is surprising given the 3 hour runtime).. There were obviously points of the film that were slower than others, but they all seemed in place (except for the aforementioned subplot, which should have either been trimmed altogether or at least followed through).

I am getting antsy for the holidays, counting the days until I get to drive home and enjoy 11 days off!

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