The Way Out Is Through

Work has been grinding on my pretty badly lately… I have two projects right now, one is finishing up in the next two weeks, one I am an advisor on to a newer engineer (he’s revving the first big (many month) project I wrote at Goodrich). Mentally (and to a degree, actually), these two tasks are preventing me from switching programs, which is frustrating… The advisor task won’t go away for awhile, but it is only going to be about 5% of my time. The other project finishes up in two weeks, which is really what is holding me up. I’m just impatient.

Heading back to NJ this weekend with … We are going to try leaving pretty late here on Friday in an effort to miss all the holiday traffic… I think we are going to hit the road around 8pm, depending on how bored we get sitting around the apartment friday evening… :P Next weekend is CSH Welcome Back, which should be awesome too. This will mark the end of my travel hell for a few weeks…

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