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Not only does the band suck, but this dude looks like Billy Corgan and Robert Smith had a retarded baby:

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    1. The mcr bashing entry

      I dont usually waste my time responding to other peoples ignorance. But in this case I felt like I needed to. MCR does not suck, their music is for a select group of people if you will. Gerard way is probably one of the most uniquelly energetic performers to come onto the stage in years. When I first heard their music I wasnt to enthused either. But after listening to their album for a while I’ve grown to love their unique music and performances. So journal or no journal, if I managed to read it its not personal, so maybe it shouldnt be “live” if its not for people to read.

    1. come on! he was totally smashed in the face by a frying pan. probably the ugly variation. he’s like a chubbier and uglier version of Patrick Wolf. seriously, i could step in a pile of dog shit and it’d look just as good as he does.

      1. Patrick Wolf is much hotter than whatever-his-name-is but I guess it is the black hair thing, I am a sucker for that trendy pseudo-emo look. As far as being a fatty I havn’t really seen many pictures of him, but if there is anything Howlin Mad hates, its fatties.

  1. I just read about them in my Rolling Stone not too long ago, and apparently he just lost a bunch of weight after kicking a prescription pill addiction. He was a little chubby before hand, but I would not call him a fatty. I am not defending his music, it sucks, just the fact that he is not a fatty.

    And in my Rolling stone that came yesterday, there is a photo of him in concert wearing a bullet proof vest, and he said it was because he is from “north jersey” and it’s a dangerous place, so it reminds him of home. That is a crock and a half. I don’t think there is any danger for Emo kids other than having their asses kicked in school.

  2. apparently thats billy corgan’s son. he was just talking about it on fuse (well, i had it pre recorded from when “the future embrace” came out) and billy said the reason he wants to rock out with the pumpkins is cause his son is doing so well in MCR. he said he fathered him when the pumpkins got together in 1988

  3. dont be a dick

    your stupid and if you dont like the band dont listen to them and keep your comments to yourself

  4. Re: The mcr bashing entry

    I didn’t say it wasn’t for people to read, I said it’s my journal, you jackass.

    The band fucking sucks, deal with it.

    1. Re: The mcr bashing entry

      u dont have to be a jerk. im an macr luvr and u r insulting me tlking to mcr luvrs like that. so please dont say that about gerard. hes a cutie and btw i luv the way he tlks.

      i luv him and if u have a prob wit that, then go die in a hole!

      1. Re: The mcr bashing entry

        Actually, it’s my journal, I can be a jerk if I want, and you can go fuck yourself.

        Good thing MCR has fallen off the map completely and I’m not subjected to this ugly shemale anymore.

  5. EX -F*CKIN -SCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!

    FIRSTLY, i myself am a musician (although i choose to remain anonymous)and, thus, i am very well acquainted with the concept of writing and performing music: music that i write from my heart. I would also argue that i am more familiar with the creative side of music than someone who works behind a computer all day. I also happen to be among such musicians as the revered Brian Molko in my highly favorable opinions of the band My Chemical Romance.

    Gerard Way writes music straight from his soul and he has touched an astonishing amount of young people for whom there is no other hope in their lives. He performs with vigor and a tremendous sense of conviction and My Chemical Romance are a genuine group who create explosive, heartfelt music the likes of which are extraordinarily sparse by modern standards.

    SECONDLY, Billy Corgan and Robert Smith are both prolific, seminal musicians without whom modern music would not be remotely colourful or interesting. They have been praised by many artists including David Bowie and The Sisters Of Mercy, and have had (and will continue to have) a profound influence on the music of ensuing generations. Plus, they happen to be the two musical/poetic minds that i most look up to and respect. They’ve changed my life and i couldn’t live without their music.

    As far as i’m concerned, i don’t think that you should consider yourself entitled to judge music that you don’t understand. I feel that your opinions are arrogant and ill-informed.

    …oh, and let’s face it, when you look in the mirror, do you see a sex god? Because when Gerard Way looks in the mirror, he sees the man who has been voted the third sexiest Rock Star in the Kerrang Readers Polls for two years consecutively.

    1. Re: EX -F*CKIN -SCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!

      FIRSTLY, if being a musician meant you were able to judge good music from bad, there wouldn’t be so many shitty bands out there.

      SECONDLY, I never said anything bad about Billy Corgan or Robert Smith. The Sisters of Mercy, on the other hand, are terrible.

      I understand My Chemical Romance fine. And I still think it’s terrible.

      And lastly, yes, when I look in the mirror I know I’m a sex god, and Kerrang has never been relevant, and the only reason that Mr. Down Syndrome was voted third sexiest rock star is because Kerrang is a metal rag and there aren’t that many attractive people in metal to begin with.. It’s like he won the Special Olympics of “Sexiest Man” competitions.

      How the fuck are you little sycophants finding this journal post anyway?

      1. Is that even an argument?

        I didn’t say that i was able to judge good music from bad music. I merely said that i am capable of understanding music from the point of view of both the artist and the listener, which, i would argue, gives me greater critical authority than most people. (and yes, there is a difference)

        Anyone who says the Sisters Of Mercy are terrible… is an imbecile.

        Andrew Eldrich has produced some of the most bafflingly profound and intelligent lyrics ever penned… and they’re better than fucking Green Day… however, i trust that you are not fool enough to start slagging off his holiness Mr.Bowie. Although, from what i’ve seen of you so far, i wouldn’t be surprised. (and no, im NOT saying that My Chemical Romance are even close to the genius of David Bowie)

        As for understanding My Chemical Romance: Well done, you’ve just contradicted yourself. If you understood them, (i wouldn’t say you’d necessarily like them) but i can safely say that you wouldn’t make such derogatory remarks about them.

        I will disregard your last comment on Kerrang because it is unfounded and i fail to see it as a valid argument.

        How did i find this journal post?
        Let’s just say I can smell idiocy a mile off.

        Lastly, do you even know what Robert Smith Looks like? Had i been along similar wavelengths to yours, i would have said that Gerard Way looks more like a mixture between Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor.

        1. And I would argue that the fact you’ve written some music does nothing to enhance your critical authority. If that were the case, then Roger Ebert would be a better critic.

          Sisters of Mercy are terrible. There are no two ways about it. Their only contribution to music is that “This Corrosion” provides DJs around the world the perfect opportunity to take a piss.

          It sure is easy for you to make an argument such as “If you understood them, (i wouldn’t say you’d necessarily like them) but i can safely say that you wouldn’t make such derogatory remarks about them.”. Sounds like “Well, these lifeforms are so complex that they couldn’t have possibly evolved naturally. There must be an intelligent designer”. When you take a class on Logic in college you’ll learn about logical fallacy.

          You have no argument against my point on Kerrang, so you are disregarding it. Don’t pretend it wasn’t a valid point.

          And by “smell idiocy” do you mean “search for “billy corgan and my chemical romance” using google?”

          Lastly, I know exactly what Robert Smith looks like. A haggard old drag queen who wrote a ton of fantastic songs.

          1. Haha

            Aaaaah, good point, but you don’t know who i am or what my music sounds like…

            You might even have heard some of it for all you know…

            You know what? I have to admit that i actually quite like you. Dare i say it, i find you witty and You make me laugh. (I’m not trying to be facetious… and i’m not gay) I respect your opinionated nature (because you remind me of myself) and, as such, i see us no longer as enemies, but as sporting rivals.

            Well, i’m sitting here (in a Sisters of Mercy T-shirt) and im thinking that, as much as it pains me to agree with you on anything, i’ll have to whole-heartedly concur with your opinion of Robert Smith.

            But, what makes you think that i haven’t yet been to college? The fact that i can enjoy new music as well as old? I’m not going to tell you exactly how old i am, but i can tell you that i’m old enough to have most of the Pink Floyd back catologue on vinyl… and there was even a time when i dared to listen to them.

            And to tell the truth, i hate Christianity… and most religions. I’m a bit of a Von-Daniken man actually. So i guess that blows your ‘intelligent design’ insult out of the water.

            Anyway, this isn’t the end of my argument, this is just a gesture of good will before i decide bring out the big guns…

            You’re going to get a big surprise… i hope.

  6. lmao. this made me laugh, he does look like billy corgan.
    now i love this band to death and him as well. just wanted to say that it’s cool you hate them and all, but next time you wanna talk shit about others (reading your other somments), you better take some time and go search about them a lil more maybe? then you’d know at least who you’re hating. but again, i guess you don’t have too much time on your hand to waste doing that.

    anyway, just my opinion. there are many who hate them, so i’ve given up convincing people long ago. your own loss

  7. Does not!

    He sooooooo Does not! And My chemical Romance is the bestesy band ever. You’re probly deaf and/or increadibly stupid if you can’t acnolige this.

    -A pissed off 13 year old

  8. =]



    your just mad cus his sexy ass wont go anywere near u.

    he has more talent in a pubic hair than you do in you whole OBESE body


    WTF? Do u know how hot Gerard Way is? I will defend him because he is so fucking awesome but, what the fuck? If u don’t like him, why the hell do u have to trash My Chemical Romance? If I were u, I’d shut the hell up before I kicked ur ass over this computer. Fuck off, fucker.

    -Oh and by the way… u wish u were as hot as Gerard. Have fun trashing other people motherfuckers.


    What is so funny is that when I wrote this like 4 years ago he just sucked. But now he sucks AND is completely irrelevant.

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