Further Random Bullshit

Oh Bloodhound Gang, why must your tour hit Boston on the Friday before Halloween, when I assume I will be in Ithaca? That is simply uncool. Complex mathematics are now required.

Further musings on Albuquerque:

  • “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” has been proven as fundamental bullshit. Dry heat just sucks differently.
  • If tons of people tell you before your trip to Albuquerque that “you have to visit Santa Fe”, don’t believe them (unless you are into buying art at small galleries).
  • I was pretty unimpressed by the so-called Miracle Staircase. Sure you recently added the supports for stability.
  • Why would anyone choose to live in the desert? I mean, when I leave my house in NJ or my apartment in MA I don’t concern myself with which poisonous animal may be along my path.
  • Sorry, kids, I actually don’t want to play any more board games.

Today I finally fixed the windowsill in the bathroom… There was this 1/2″ gap between the window itself and the sill which collected water and other nasties.. We have tried to fill it with various substances (spackle, grout, caulk) to no avail, so I hand-carved a small piece of wood to fit in there today to fill the gap, scraped all the paint, caulk, and other crap off of the sill and out of the gap, and repainted the whole thing with outdoor paint. Hopefully it won’t get so nasty anymore… I am skeptical, though.

6 thoughts on “Further Random Bullshit

  1. I agree, the humidity argument always sounded fishy to me, I can imagine dry heat does just that, dries you out making you thirsty and your skin feel tight. I don’t know for sure, this is just my theory. The only poisonous creatures we have to worry about NJ are skunks!

  2. Give me dry heat any day!

    I remember the first time I went to Iowa to ride RAGBRAI. I’d been used to Tucson heat of 105+. Iowa was in the mid/upper 90’s, but humid. I cried the first day, it was so hot and nasty. I wanted to go back to the desert.

    Dry heat is more pleasant because sweating works.

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