Random Bits

Did an interview today with Drake Lucas of the Patriot Ledger regarding the Sunday Night Film Club. Mostly questions about the history of the club, where we go to see films, what kind of people show up, etc… Not sure what the focus of the article will be, hopefully she won’t paint me out to be a baby eater.

Chuck is coming up for a visit this weekend, which will be nice. I had the idea that he drive directly to Goodrich on Friday so we can safely park his car for free here at work over the weekend, and he can hitch a ride back with me to Boston. Always a fun time when he comes out..

I asked to be moved to a different program here at work… I’ve been bored for awhile, and I think I will have lots of interesting things to work on where I am going, so that should be a good thing. I just feel like I’ve been assigned to doomed project after doomed project, so it will be nice to work on something that isn’t so doomed.

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