Collapsing New Buildings

Talk about an esoteric bug. If you are listening to an AAC Audiobook (m4b) on an iPod Photo, and pause it, and let it fall asleep (or put it to sleep manually), when you try and wake it up, it will be frozen, and requires a reset. But this only happens if you initially navigated to the file via the “Audiobook” main menu entry or a smart playlist. If you Navigate “Music -> Genres -> Audiobooks -> etc..>” then the iPod doesn’t lock up and everything is hunky dory.

3 thoughts on “Collapsing New Buildings

  1. I got that on AAC files that i made bookmarkable myself on my 4g. I thought i just did the process wrong. :/ hmm.

    so… it’s not just photo.

    Make an aac file, copy the file to your desktop. foo.m4a
    rename it to foo.m4b
    copy it to your ipod, it appears in the audobooks. do your process. crash. :(

    I don’t think it happens with 3g.

    There are other ways to make it “bookmarkable aac”, i think there’s a javascript that will do it…

      1. nope. I wasn’t smart enough to think of that. The only audiobook i have on it now is Lewis Black’s book, and I believe I ripped it MP3 instead of AAC, so i’ll have to convert it later or something. I’ll try it out later. heh.

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