St. Lucas Day

Last night and I celebrated St. Lucas Day by attending a 6:30pm screening of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I didn’t expect to find out that the Obi Wan from the original trilogy was really a clone… That explains so much…. The movie was great, and there was a person in a full Chewbacca get-up in our theatre (Chewbacca wearing a Red Sox jersey, no less).

BTW, I’ve plugged this to lots of you already, but check out ITConversations, a site with hundreds of MP3/AAC tech related interviews, speeches, panel discussions, etc.

6 thoughts on “St. Lucas Day

      1. Yeah, I was waiting through the whole damn movie to see that part. Annoying, it was, mmm. Before the movie I was pissed at you when I thought you posted that despite people not having seen it yet, and then after the movie I was pissed at you because waiting for that probably took away from my general enjoyment of the flow of the movie.

        1. Um, Sorry? :(

          For future reference, I am pretty serious about not dumping spoilers, so if you ever see something like that again, there’s a real, real good chance it’s bullshit… :)

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