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Is it me, or does the PS3 controller look like the Apple/Bandai Pippin Controller?

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  1. I’m not familiar with that particular controller but the picture of the PS3 controller I’ve seen does not look like it will be comfortable.

  2. One of the biggest reasons I never bought a PS1 or PS2 was their controller. I hate that thing. That’s where I believe Nintendo has excelled in gaming consoles (though some people would disagree when it comes to the N64 controller).

    1. I hate the n64 controller… My ranking for “greatest controller evar” is Gamecube Stock with Dual Shock coming in a close second…

    2. I don’t feel that way anymore, but I did at the time. After many consecutive days of Goldeneye, I couldn’t see how anyone could play a FPS with a mouse/keyboard.

      The only weird thing about the N64 controller was that there was always one of the three “wings” left unused (usually the crosspad wing).

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