Things are getting dangerous with the leg these days… Not because it is feeling bad, but because it is feeling good… It is becoming harder and harder to keep in mind that my leg is, in fact, still pretty fucked up, and not 100%. My range of motion is now within 20 degrees of my good leg (I’ve picked up about 20 degrees in the past few weeks alone), and most of the strange sensations from within my leg have gone away.. My thigh muscles are stronger now due to physical therapy, and I can wield the leg around without much trouble..

The trick is now to do everything I can to keep me from inadvertently putting weight on my leg. This is trickier than you’d expect, and I’ve had a few close calls in the past day alone. It would help if I left my brace on all the time (as it provides a pretty clear reminder that the leg is hosed), but it is so uncomfortable and unnecessary, say, when I’m sitting on the couch, that it’s just not going to happen. Another week and a half until I see the doctor next… It can’t come soon enough.

While I was in NJ last week one night I apparently took my brace off in my sleep. I woke up at like 6am with a slightly sore knee and once I became somewhat coherent I realized my brace was on the floor. This required undoing 8 velcro straps and lifting my leg to get the brace out from underneath it. The ability to perform tasks like this while asleep/groggy troubles me. When I become president, make sure to keep the button away from my bedside.

3 thoughts on “Pause

    1. I actually thought about something similar, but the problem is that I am currently supposed to be “touchdown weight bearing”, which means that my foot is supposed to touch the floor while I am crutching around, but JUST touching, not actually bearing any weight… As I write this down, it helps me realize how impossibly crazy this concept is..

      When the PT explained this to me, they would use terms like “don’t put any weight on it, just use it to help you keep balance, etc”. But if I’m not supposed to put weight on it how is that going to help me with balance?? Very confusing..

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