Man, I really know how to neglect my journal, eh? Well, I’m back in Boston, landed Monday evening… Mom hauled me back, and pretty much got back in the car and drove back to NJ right away.. On top of that, today she drove down to VA to visit with my kid sister, (Good luck with the interviews, Aimee!).

Holy shit I am really starting to go stir crazy.. I’ve been doing alot of reading and movie watching.. I had started working on a programming project, but got derailed and lost interest around the time I headed back to NJ. Another two weeks and I revisit the doctor, hopefully to be told that I can start putting weight on my leg again and drive (to work). Speaking of jobs, my OTHER friend Jon just informed me that he’s now gainful again, I’m so glad so many of my friends (and myself) are having good luck with employment these days…

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