Absolutely Nothing

Not a whole hell of a lot going on these days… I’m starting to get pretty stir crazy, I’ve got to find some personal programming project to work on… Or something to keep my mind busy.. All the little surgical tape gizmos that were covering my incision (and the staple holes) came off today after my shower… There is one spot that is still a little raw so I slapped a band-aid over it.. I’ll get some pics up of the scar as soon as I charge my camera battery.

So far my medical expenses are in the neighborhood of $28,000, hopefully insurance will cover most of that, though. :) I had to fill out an “Accident Questionnaire” today stating that this wasn’t a worker’s comp. eligible accident. I have to go to Physical Therapy for the first time on Monday…. Going to probably have to take a cab there, which sucks, because it is like two blocks away but there is a giant hill between here and there, so I can’t even think about crutching my way there.

and I went out for lunch to Bugaboo Creek today.. Other than the trip to McDonalds the day of my Doctor’s appointment (in a failed attempt at scoring a Shamrock Shake), this was my first real excursion into the real world since my accident at the beginning of the month. I held up okay, although I had to shift around in my seat at the restaurant a bit as my leg got tired of certain positions. It felt great to get out of the house, though, and we picked a gorgeous day at that.

7 thoughts on “Absolutely Nothing

  1. You get to go outside and you choose Bugaboo? I figured that’s the kind of place where you’d go crazy and want to shoot the singing animal heads. I guess I misjudged. You’re getting a singing bass for Christmas.

    1. It was one of a handful of restaurants that fulfilled my 3 requirements:

      1) Local (a long car ride didn’t sound too comfortable for me)
      2) Ample Parking (so I didn’t have a long trip from the car to the door)
      3) Decent (Yeah, the food isn’t great, but I was just looking for a Margarita and a chicken sandwich. :P)

      Maybe Corinna and I will head out to someplace nicer for my birthday if I feel up for it.

  2. If you’re up for some embedded coding, I’ve got a spare Rio Reciever you can hack on. I started to write a free replacement app that could play oggs, but lost the code for it. No big loss considering I’m an iPod bitch and don’t use Oggs anymore.

    1. Re: learn python!

      I’ve actually written a reasonable amount of python. Most recently I wrote a program invoked by procmail that takes a message and posts it to the Community, Craigslist, the Sunday Night Film Club page as well as the SNFC mailing list…

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