Mental Note

When convalescing on the couch with a broken knee, it might not be the best idea to blast Ministry, which you know gets you all whipped up…

I was looking at the bookshelf yesterday and noticed that has a book entitled “The Price of Freedom”. It seems like a long book, which is odd, because we all know that Freedom costs $1.05. What else could it talk about?

8 thoughts on “Mental Note

  1. …no there’s a hefty fuckin’ fee.

    and I were talking about that yesterday. There is a fat sign in the Goodrich Security office that says “FREEDOM ISN’T FREE”. We want to get a little tiny price tag that says $1.05 and stick it on there and take a picture.

    1. Re: …no there’s a hefty fuckin’ fee.

      That was my idea that I discussed with him when he visited on Tuesday… All except for the picture. I think it’s a horrible idea to bring a camera into Security. =)

  2. What else could it talk about?

    McDonalds! Wal-Mart! The Gap! Baseball! NFL! Rock and roll! The Internet!
    Slavery! Starbucks! Disney world! Porno! Valium! Reeboks! Fake Tits! Sushi! Taco Bell! Rodeos! Bed bath and beyond! Liberty! Wax Lips! The Alamo! Band-aids! Las Vegas! Christmas! Immigrants! Popeye! Democrats! Republicans! Sportsmanship! Books!

    Fuck yeah.

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