Testing the Water

I like to push the boundaries, no doubt, so I decided today to start to test the waters and eek back my painkiller usage. I’ve been on percoset since I left the hospital… I was originally taking two every three hours, and then I dropped it down to one a day or two ago and that seemed to go well. Today, after my parents left, I decided to see how it would go if I just stopped taking my pills…. I made it 9 hours before I took another one, and really, my knee wasn’t what made me take the pill, it was my lower back… After several hours in that CPM machine my lower back just starts aching…. And since my mobility is so decreased, there isn’t much I can do about it…. Hopefully my body will get used to this routine soon, otherwise I am going to have to figure something else out… The physical therapist is checking in with me on Tuesday, so I will ask her if she has any suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Testing the Water

  1. A thought…try rolling a towel and placing at the curve of your spine when lying on your back…it gives you something to “press against” when position causes discomfort. WHen someone is around, you can ask them to lightly dampen the towel, place in the microwave for a little bit..and “voila!! instant hot pack to ease tight muscles.”….it was good to see you doing so well, despite your recent circumstances….hang in there…hugs, Ma

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