Pizza Craziness

I have lived in Boston for damn near 4 years now, and this entire time I have suffered the poison that the locals call Pizza, which is wholly and entirely seperate from what we call Pizza back home. So it boggles my mind that after all this time, I find not one, but two actually, honest-to-goodness, REAL pizzarias right under my nose! The first is Imperial Pizza in Brighton, and the second Little Stevie’s over by Berkeley and Hynes Convention Center, both of which had really decent pizza!

I’m going to be back in Palmdale next week. The bonus is that my return flight on Friday is First Class!

7 thoughts on “Pizza Craziness

  1. I feel your pain… however I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up about 5 miles away from a real pizza joint, Giovannis, with real italians. Italians that don’t take no shit from nobody ;)

    Pizza is _supposed_ to have grease dripping off of it! It pains me so much when I see people daintly dabbing off the puddles.

    1. Well, I have to say, that I don’t like it supremely greasy… If there are puddles, I drip them off, but I never dab. That shit is awful.

      Hehehe, that reminds me of a funny story. When I was a kid, a friend hated tomato sauce so much that he used to (I swear) pull the cheese off of pizza, run said cheese and crust UNDER TAP WATER to wash off the sauce, put the cheese back on the crust, and reheat the pizza in the microwave.

      1. And the reason he didnt order white pizza is….

        In other news I know what you mean, it’s a real in the ass finding good pizza in manhattan…..

        Oh, wait…. :)

  2. following the teachings of that great Good Eats episode, the one about making your own Pizza, I have to conclude that the crust makes a big difference. Also the mozzarella. Once you try the real one made from buffalo, you’ll find the rest insulting.

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