8 thoughts on “SNL is still occasionally funny

  1. Sean, you’re da man!! Thanks for the clips!! Especially for me living in the other side of the ocean. You have no idea how much I enjoyed them.


    Thanks to the wonders of GOOGLE, I found your LJ that had the Exclusive Connections skit, that I had been looking for days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    A geeky LJ’er

  3. Exclusive Connections

    I’ve been trying to find video of this skit to share with some friends. I found your link but no luck getting to it. Any chance you can re-post it for a while longer? Thanks

    1. Re: Exclusive Connections

      I would repost it, but I didn’t actually take it down. :) If you look at the url, and remove the .nyud.net:8090 from the end of the domain name it will probably work. I *AM* going to take it down this weekend though, so grab it soon.

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