Random Update

I am finally getting over the aforementioned cold…  It really kicked my ass for awhile, I felt like I was getting better for a day but on Saturday it smacked me back down…  But I rested this weekend and came out on the other end of it.  Yesterday I picked up my Twisp and Catsby print from the frame shop, it looks totally rad, and fits into the living room (even likes it!)

There were two sketches in this weekends SNL that were especially funny to nerds.  Since most people have probably given up on SNL, I will encode them and put them up here when I get the chance.

5 thoughts on “Random Update

    1. I was just going to say my Frame shop COULD HAVE DONE A MUCH BETTER JOB!!

      just kidding. Way to go on going with a custom frame shop. It looks beauful. Very nice. And I think we sell that frame too. : )

      oh god time for me to get out of that job.

        1. It looks great! How much did it cost? I had a bunch of stuff custom framed. The two small San Jose prints I have on either side of my living room window cost about $150 a piece… some of my larger prints (like the blueprint of the Golden Gate bridge, for example) were in excess of $350 to have custom framed. Big bucks!!

          1. It was like 180, although some of that was extra that I spent on UV-protective glass because it is near the window… Corinna’s couch is also next to said window and it has already faded pretty significantly over the two years she’s lived there..

            The print came matted, and was 22×24, so it isn’t tiny… It just seems like so much, especially for something that’s already matted. Of course, I’ve never shopped for frames before, so…

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